Biomarker Library

The development of a diagnostic at Protagen begins with hPEX® , the world’s largest human antigen expression library. With its more than 7000 human proteins, each stored and ready to be employed for thousands of individual tests. In addition to proprietary biomarkers discovered by our team, it includes more than 95% of the published, disease associated autoantigens. All hPEX® proteins carry a His-tag for high-throughput purification, quality control, and ELISA plate immobilization, and all are sequence-verified by protein mass spectrometry.

In small volumes of patient blood samples easily obtained by simple venipuncture, the binding of autoantibodies directed against these proteins (antigens) is rapidly detected with high efficiency using SeroTag , leading to a comprehensive profiling of the patients’ immune response and enabling an in-depth search for novel blood-based autoantibodies.

SeroTag Biomarker Development

Building a clinical diagnostic portfolio

Using our ISO-certified processes, we have discovered many novel biomarkers for indications across the spectrum of autoimmune diseases. All these markers undergo meticulous verification and validation studies within our internal discovery and development programs. The most suited markers then enter the development pipeline to generate novel diagnostic tests.

Effective application to co-development

We are actively involved in a number of Dx and CDx development projects in partnership with Pharma that focus on systemic and organ confined autoimmune diseases, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Systemic Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromyelitis Optica. In addition, we are active in the support of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine development.

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