NavigAID SSc

NavigAID SSc is a disease stratification array designed to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with their Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) drug development efforts by defining specific disease subgroups via the simple measurement of serum autoantibodies.

SSc is a rare, complex autoimmune disease that manifests as progressive fibrosis of the skin and internal organs. Despite numerous efforts in recent years, no drug has been approved to date for the treatment of SSc, with the disease’s remarkably heterogeneous nature being the main hurdle for successful drug development.

Protagen’s NavigAID SSc array has been specifically developed to tackle the heterogeneity challenge associated with the disease, and facilitate the clinical development of novel drug therapies by employing autoantibody biomarkers identified by Protagen’s SeroTag® platform.

NavigAID SSc facilitates differential diagnosis, risk stratification and prediction of organ involvement to support the development of personalized therapeutics in SSc. Taking a unique disease stratification approach, NavigAID SSc is set to benefit any new clinical development program. Furthermore, it has the potential to provide the basis for the development of treatment-specific companion diagnostics.

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