NavigAID SjS

By harnessing its expertise in autoimmune processes and its proprietary SeroTag® autoantibody identification platform, Protagen is currently developing a patient stratification tool (NavigAID SjS) to help pharmaceutical companies advance novel Sjögren’s therapeutics.

Sjögren’s syndrome is a chronic, currently incurable autoimmune condition that affects the parts of the body that produce fluids, such as tear ducts and salivary glands, causing generalized dryness and inflammation.

Protagen has uncovered autoantibodies that underpin the pathogenesis of Sjögren’s, which have been shown to serve as biomarkers for disease activity, and/or as predictors of treatment success.

These autoantibodies, identified via SeroTag®, will soon be used to separate and define patients into disease subgroups using NavigAID Sjögren’s.

Stratifying patients in this way will help to characterize the immunological processes underlying Sjögren’s, to enable the development of targeted therapeutics as well as increase the chances that treatments will be effective.

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