Protagen is currently harnessing its proprietary SeroTag® biomarker identification platform to develop a new NavigAID biomarker panel for Rheumatoid arthritis (NavigAID RA). This aims to stratify patients based on the immunological processes underlying their specific condition, to help advance the development of targeted, precision treatments for RA and increase the chances of treatment success.

RA is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that leads to the breakdown of cartilage and bone. This debilitating condition is underpinned by various autoimmune processes including the formation of certain autoantibodies, such as rheumatoid factor (RF) and antibodies against citrullinated peptides (ACPA), which have emerged as important diagnostic and prognostic markers of RA. However, RF and ACPA are not expressed in all patients suffering from RA and are often underrepresented in early RA patients, so it is crucial to find another way of effectively diagnosing and stratifying these patients to help develop effective treatments.

Protagen’s SeroTag® platform is helping with this by identifying novel biomarkers of RA, which will be utilized in the future development of Protagen’s NavigAID RA tool. This will help to advance drug development and ensure favourable responses to treatment.

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