Multilisa CENP-B

The Protagen® Multilisa® CENP-B is a CE-approved IVD ELISA for the qualitative determination of IgG anti-centromere B autoantibodies in human serum and plasma. The presence of anti-centromere B autoantibodies is used to aid the diagnosis of Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) together with additional laboratory tests and clinical findings.

CENP-B – A trusted marker of autoimmune disease

Centromere protein B is a highly conserved, DNA-binding protein involved in centromere formation. It is also known to be a major centromere autoantigen that can be detected in patient sera and is present in approximately 30%-40% of SSc patients. Circulating anticentromere CENP-B autoantibodies can provide a strong diagnostic marker for SSc and are closely associated with patients suffering from the limited form of SSc.

The presence of CENP-B is highly specific, and therefore were included in the ACR EULAR classification criteria for the diagnosis of SSc. Protagen’s Multilisa CENP-B has been developed to be used alongside other assays such as Multilisa Scl-70 and BICD2, to provide a more complete diagnostic picture for SSc patients and their clinicians.

Application of CENP-B to a CE-approved IVD assay

The new Multilisa® CENP-B assay has received CE certification and is a market-ready IVD product available for purchase within the EU. If you would like to place an order or gather further information on Multilisa® CENP-B please contact our team by filling in the form on the right.

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