Autoimmune Disease Services

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Protagen specializes in pharma co-development services to provide effective tools that support the development of novel treatments for autoimmune diseases. Using its proprietary biomarker screening platform, SeroTag®, Protagen has developed an array of disease-specific stratification panels, the NavigAID tools, to accurately profile individual patients’ diseases, and stratify patients into distinct disease subgroups that help predict treatment response and inform clinical decisions. In this way, Protagen is tackling topical challenges in autoimmune disease therapeutics, and helping to improve treatment efficacy.

Protagen’s NavigAID stratification tools can separate patients with a range of autoimmune conditions, to improve response prediction and assess the specific immunological processes underpinning the disease to better inform treatments.

Protagen’s Multilisa® assays can also help in the detection of disease-associated antigens, to help diagnose autoimmune diseases such as Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) at an early stage and profile disease mechanisms in individual patients. By implementing these tools, Protagen can support drug development by:

  • Improving the characterization of different autoimmune diseases
  • Enhancing treatment response prediction via patient stratification and monitoring

NavigAID for autoimmune disease

Autoimmune diseases are highly diverse, yet can cause similar symptoms in different patients, making accurate diagnoses and development of effective treatments difficult.

Multilisa® IVD Products

Protagen’s CE-marked Multilisa® in vitro diagnostic and companion diagnostic assays detect biomarkers associated with autoimmune conditions (SLE, SSc and Rheumatoid arthritis) for accurate early diagnosis and profiling of autoimmune diseases in individual patients.

SeroTag® platform

Protagen is uniquely positioned via its SeroTag® platform to combine its large library of human proteins with the high-throughput identification of immuno-oncology biomarkers, to develop more effective immunotherapies.