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Protagen, is dedicated to the development of powerful diagnostic tools that aid successful therapeutic development and facilitate improved treatment strategies in the areas of autoimmune disease and immuno-oncology. Utilizing a personalized medicine approach, Protagen’s powerful multi-marker assay technology SeroTag® enables differential diagnosis, patient stratification, response prediction and detection of safety events in 2 of the most important pharma markets today.

With its high-throughput disease and treatment marker development engine (SeroTag®), Protagen is uniquely positioned to develop innovative diagnostics. This is evidenced by its broad development portfolio of novel biomarkers, secured by strong IP coverage and validated by proof of concept studies in thousands of clinical samples. Protagen is committed to providing its customers and collaborators with exceedingly high levels of service, supporting them throughout the test development process, and providing proactive and expert guidance.

Company History

Founded in 1997, Protagen began life as a protein analysis services company, as a spin-out from the Ruhr-University of Bochum. In 2002, Protagen moved to its current location in the BioMedical Center (BMZ) Dortmund. 2010 saw Protagen strengthen its protein library and biomarker discovery capabilities, focusing on unmet diagnostic needs in autoimmune diseases by utilizing the power of autoantibodies. Its unique blend of experience and expertise in autoantibody serum screening, combined with the continuous improvement and optimization of biomarker development, has continued to push Protagen forward, leading to the establishment of the SeroTag® process in 2011/2012.

Today, Protagen is a leading industry provider, specializing in Pharma development services, novel diagnostics, and companion diagnostics, in the field of immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease. By continuing to apply its proprietary SeroTag® biomarker discovery platform and its new portfolio of NavigAID patient stratification products, Protagen identifies valuable biomarkers that support pharmaceutical development and personalized treatment regimens.


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Protagen is supported by world leading experts in the field of autoimmune diseases. They guide our efforts to engage with the medical and scientific community and to develop next generation diagnostics.


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