SeroTag® platform

Protagen’s data repository of autoantibody signatures from more than 20,000 patient samples forms part of the SeroTag® biomarker identification and development engine, which utilizes FDA-approved bead-based Luminex® xMAP technology. Using SeroTag® can help to stratify different cancer and autoimmune disease types and subtypes, to select patients who will respond favourably to treatment, monitor treatment responses, and give advanced warnings of irAEs.

SeroTag® for autoimmune diseases

Due to the high diversity and overlapping symptoms commonly found within different autoimmune diseases, achieving an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment strategy is extremely challenging. One solution currently in progress is to utilize the SeroTag® platform and its pipeline of autoantibody biomarkers to subgroup patients’ autoimmune diseases and inform the successful development of targeted therapeutics. This technology has already been used to develop the NavigAID range of stratification arrays for a number of indications.

SeroTag® for immuno-oncology

Protagen is harnessing SeroTag® and collaborating with leading cancer research organizations to develop an extensive pipeline of autoantibody signatures as critically-informative biomarkers in immuno-oncology, to enable the development of more effective immunotherapies.

Developing immunotherapies that effectively treat cancer presents a complex challenge. Too much stimulation can result in harmful immune-related Adverse Events (irAEs), whilst too little stimulation will be ineffective at preventing cancer progression.

It is the discovery of novel autoantibody signatures that holds the promise of providing more accurate patient monitoring and treatment response prediction. With a strong understanding of these fields, and a comprehensive portfolio of unique technologies and expertise, Protagen can work with companies to gain answers to some of the most pressing questions underpinning their drug development challenges, including why some patients respond differently to the same immunotherapy, and why such immunotherapies can lead to irAEs in some patients, but not others.

To find out how Protagen can support your therapeutic development project to enable better response prediction, disease stratification, patient monitoring and early detection of adverse events, contact us now.

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