NavigAID for immuno-oncology

Protagen is utilizing its expertise in immuno-profiling to develop tools that support the development of novel and effective cancer immunotherapies.

Protagen’s NavigAID products are already enabling the disease stratification and response prediction for chronic and debilitating autoimmune diseases. Based on this initial success, Protagen is currently expanding its NavigAID offering to support the development of immunotherapeutic anticancer drugs. The goal is to be able to use NavigAID to separate and define disease subgroups in cancer patients via the detection and measurement of autoantibodies in their serum. Protagen’s SeroTag® biomarker screening technology ident ifies autoantibody signatures in patients suffering from different forms of cancer. Profiling autoantibody expression is likely to enable the prediction and monitoring of a patient’s response to treatments, as well as providing an early warning system for the onset of immune-related Adverse Events (irAEs).

Using the SeroTag® technology, Protagen is now developing NavigAID stratification tools in immuno-oncology. Its detection of autoantibody signatures in various cancers is currently being assessed to better enable response prediction and disease stratification to support the future development of safe and effective immunotherapeutics.

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